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You won’t find Pumphouse brews in your local liquor store, and rarely will you find them on tap in other restaurants or bars. Our comparatively-small brewing facility allows us to meet the demand of our thirsty brewpub patrons, and that’s it. Therefore, our focus centers upon quality over quantity, embracing the spirit of a locally-owned & operated brewpub serving only the local community in which we do business.

Our Year-Round offerings feature popular & straight-forward beer styles with our own personal touch, aimed to please a broad spectrum of craft beer connoisseurs. Each has its own loyal following, and we do everything in our power to keep these beers on tap 100% of the time.

Our Seasonal beer list features our more creative offerings, some of which rotate in regularly, and some of which are one-time brews never to be duplicated again. Check back frequently to see what's new on tap, as these brews are around only for a limited time.

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Year-Round Beers


American-Style Wheat, ABV 5.0%, IBU 20, OG 1.045, TG 1.008

An unfiltered, American-style wheat ale that's refreshing & sessionable. Served with a slice of lemon or orange, this brew exhibits smooth maltiness with subtle hints of Cascade hop flavor & aroma.


American IPA, ABV 6.8%, IBU 73, OG 1.066, TG 1.013

An unfiltered, high-octane American-style India Pale Ale brewed with small amounts of character malts to allow the citrusy flavor, aroma & bitterness of 5 hop varieties to dominate this medium-bodied ale.


New England-Style IPA, ABV 8.0%, IBU 30, OG 1.076, TG 1.012

A bright & hazy imperial IPA overflowing with hop flavor & aroma from a single rotating hop variety. Well-balanced, soft & boozy.

Red Alert

Amber Ale, ABV 5.5%, IBU 22, OG 1.056, TG 1.012

A medium-bodied amber ale with malt & hops in balance, with more body & flavor that most ambers, yet smooth & easy-drinking.

Base Camp

Milk Stout, ABV 6.0%, IBU 20, OG 1.063, TG 1.016

A special milk stout with Ozo Peruvian coffee, Madagascar vanilla beans & hand-roasted organic coconut, all rolled together for an elegant, balanced & creamy-smooth brew that goes down easy. Look for nitro editions, too!

Seasonal Beers

All-American Pale Ale $5.5

American Pale Ale, ABV 5.0%, IBU 30, OG 1.048, TG 1.009

Brewed with only American-grown ingredients, this American-style pale ale is a hop-centered, crisp brew with notes of lemon, honeydew, orange & vanilla.

DisPorterly Conduct $5.5

Porter, ABV 5.3%, IBU 16, OG 1.053, TG 1.016

A soft & thick English-style porter with notes of chocolate, nuts & caramel.

Guava Colada $5.5

Sour Ale, ABV 6.0%, IBU 12, OG 1.054, TG 1.008

A new spin on our Guava Sour ale with the addition of toasted coconut to supplement the bright notes of guava as we usher in Spring.

Kölsch $5.5

German-Style Kolsch Ale, ABV 5.0%, IBU 16, OG 1.042, TG 1.006

Using ale yeast but fermenting at lager temperatures, this light German-style ale features the crisp & clean character of a lager with a touch of malty sweetness found in an ale. Light Cheerios & bready flavors are accented by honey notes & light tropical fruit hops.

Raspberry Wildfire Wheat $5.5

Wheat, ABV 5.0%, IBU 21, OG 1.052, TG 1.016

This sessionable wheat ale balances sweet & tart, with bright raspberry aroma & a smooth wheat finish.

Shockwave $5.25

Strong Scotch Ale, ABV 8.0%, IBU 30, OG 1.078, TG 1.013

A dark brown, full-bodied ale featuring bold malty sweetness, minimal hoppiness, & a mild smoky finish. Enjoy with caution!

Wit Pleasure! $5.5

Belgian-Style Witbier, ABV 8.0%, IBU 16, OG 1.071, TG 1.010

Brewed with traditional Belgian yeast & hand-zested oranges (yes, it took awhile), this double-strength Belgian-style wheat beer is hazy, bright, spicy & crushable.

You've Guava Be Kidding $5.5

Tart Wheat Ale, ABV 6.0%, IBU 12, OG 1.054, TG 1.008

A tart wheat ale with organic pink guava, packed with tropical fruit flavor & bursting with citrusy aroma.

Guest Beers

We love good beer, and our Guest Beer Menu aims to pay tribute to the breweries which produce fantastic brews. Craft beer aficionados will appreciate our expansive bottle list, featuring limited edition (or just plain delicious) offerings from familiar & not-so-familiar favorites. We bring in small quantities of each of these beers, leading to a fluid menu that changes several times per week. While the focus is upon American craft breweries (with Colorado breweries in the lead), we’ll blend in a few Belgian specialties, as well as others from around the globe.

And, yes, we also serve a wide range of common domestics & imports for the less-adventurous.

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Beers of the Day

Each day, we feature one of our Pumphouse brews for a dollar off the standard pint price. Check back frequently to see what's upcoming so you don't miss a deal on your favorite brew.

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